3 Professional Mover & Truck

Starting From $119

Starting From $139

4 Professional Mover & Truck

2 Professional Mover & Truck

Starting from $89





Understanding The Pricing

There are no hidden fees. Rates are hourly, rounded up by 15 minutes, so if your move will take 3 hours and 45 minutes you pay only 3 hours and 45 minutes and not 4 hours! The rate includes a crew of professional movers, a truck and all truck expenses (such as gas, mileage etc.), basic moving insurance, moving equipment (basic tools, dollies and furniture blankets), disassembling and reassembling of furniture.  A minimal travel time necessary to get to you and get from you back to our office will be added to the Labor Time. Standard charge policy is a 2 hour minimum in case your move will take less than two hours. In Peak period a minimum hours required for a job might be different. Travel Time is calculated according to customer's locations and given accordingly with the quote before the move. Travel Time is fixed and will not change due to traffic or other conditions.

Discounted, Regular And Peak Rates

We are busy all year long, with summer being the busiest and more expensive time for moving. For weekends, beginning and end of the month the rates are normally higher. For the moving peak periods the most expensive rates applies. 

How do I pay?

The payment is due right after the move is done. We accept cash and checks. Tips are appreciated.  If you prefer to pay with Credit/Debit card there is additional 3% fee for transaction. For cash payment there is a 5% discount.  With check is just e regular price. For to storage moves and long distance only Credit/Debit cards and cash are accepted!