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  • What types of payments do you accept?
    We accept Cash, Credit Card or Zelle only. Unfortunately we don’t accept personal or bank checks at this time. You can pay after the move is completed. Payment with Credit/Debit cards are subject to a 3% processing fee. Zelle payment is not a subject to any fees or discounts. If you pay with cash you will receive a 5% discount on cash amount. Also, you can split the bill between different payment methods. You can pay as much as you wish in cash and get 5% discount on cash amount, and cover the difference with the credit/debit card or Zelle.
  • How many movers should I book?
    The smallest crew is 2 movers. This is the most common option for small move, studio or single-person 1-bedroom apartment. 3 movers crew is mostly used for 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartment move For any big house moves, we recommend 4 movers crew
  • Do I have to tip movers?
    Tips are appreciated, but not mandatory. They are not included in the bill.
  • How is my price calculated?
    Your price will be based on Hourly Rate(prorated by 15 min). The total cost would be labor time(the amount of time from arriving till the job is done) + travel time, which is fixed and not affected by any traffic. Please, note that two hours is a minimum for the job plus the travel time.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Usually, we don't need a deposit to schedule your move. However, we charge a $90 non-refundable deposit during Summer months.
  • What is the earliest date I can book?
    The earliest date for which we provide reservations and estimates is 2 months ahead. We recommend getting in touch with us 2-4 weeks before your upcoming move, depending on your move complexity and size.
  • How can I get a quote?
    To get an accurate estimate please submit our moving quote form that you can find here Rates and availability will depend on date itself so please mentioned in the note how flexible is it so we can give you best rates. After we receive your form we will get back to you in few minutes via email with our best options.
  • I need help with just loading/unloading, can you do that?
    If you are looking for professional help to load your POD, truck or mobile storage we are here to help. Please, note that two hours is a minimum for the job plus the travel time.
  • When is the cheapest time of the week to move?
    The cheapest rate is available during weekdays from Monday till Thursday in the afternoon or evening arriving window.
  • How can I reschedule or cancel my move?
    If you would like to change the date or cancel your move, please contact our Operations Manager via email or phone at 617-401-1777.
  • What is the Travel Time?
    Travel time is a charge to commute from our base to your origin location and get back from your final location. Please note, that 20 minutes is the minimum amount of travel time calculated for "one-way" trip. Also, Travel Time is fixed. In case if our truck is being delayed by traffic, the additional time incurred will not be added to the bill. Any travel time between the origin and the destination is considered to be part of the "labor time".
  • Will be my move canceled because of severe weather?
    We try to provide the best service for our customer no matter what it outside the window. We've been working for more than 12+ years and have experience to complete your move under any weather circumstances.
  • Should I obtain a parking permit for movers?
    Please, if needed, arrange a parking space or obtain a parking permit, from the City Hall. That can save your time. We can do the move without parking permit, trying to park to the next available spot, but any parking ticket will be included the the bill. Ensure a clear and safe path for loading and unloading the truck (clear ice, snow, debris, etc.)
  • Can you move my extra-fragile items?
    Regarding your TV, Mirrors, Glass, Lamps or Artwork transportation. The original packaging is the best. If you don’t have your original packaging to transport such items safely, as per your request to move the above or similar items without original packaging, we will use our moving blankets to wrap and transport them. We will do our best to move such items as safe as possible but in case of any physical damage it will be under standard 60 cent per pound coverage.
  • Are you insured?
    We are self-insured company with standard coverage of 0.6 cents per pound as State requires as to do so. We have a standard coverage, but also if damage occurs by our fault, and insurance doesn’t cover much we always negotiate it with customer to cover expenses.
  • Are you able to help with disassembling?
    Our teams comes in fully equipped with all the tools to tackle any disassemble/reassemble job. Please keep in mind that some items are not build to be disassembled, moved and reassembled multiple times, therefore sometimes we are limited on our responsibility to the safety of items. Those items are usually press wood (particle board) made furniture (for example IKEA furniture). If you would like a team member to assemble a previously disassembled piece of furniture by another party, please note that Seven Moving does not hold any liability for that piece of furniture.
  • How can I reduce time of my move?
    We work as fast and efficient as possible so total time will depend on size of the apartment, loading and unloading conditions like stairs, elevator utilization and how far the truck is parked. To reduce moving time, you might to pack everything in boxes - more boxes, faster move . Also, you can take care about the furniture that should be disassembled by yourself, and save a lot of time. Don't worry, if you are not able to do so, we would be happy to help.
  • Do I need to empty my furniture?
    We would recommend to empty all your furniture including dressers, nightstands, desks etc. It will reduce the weight of item for movers and keep your belongings safe from damage or lost.
  • Should I be with movers the whole time of the move?
    We can do your move without your physical presence during loading or unloading. The contract should be paid upfront after loading is done. Credit card should be physically presented.
  • Is there any prohibited items to move?
    Our company doesn't move plants(some exceptions can be made), any paint, chemicals, illegal drugs, explosives, weapons, flammable substances, perishable food or hazardous fluids.
  • Do you provide packing supplies?
    We can bring our materials with us on the day of the move. Materials pricing: boxes small/medium/ large $4/$5.5/$5 each. Wardrobe boxes $35 each. Wrapping paper - $25 per roll Mattress bags and shrink-wrap $8 per item. You can also purchase materials separately and we will just help with packing. Any local hardware store, U-Haul or Home Depot should have them with very low prices.
  • Do you move Extra Heavy items?
    Yes, we can help your with these items. Normally there is $160 overweight item fee for each piece of 280lb or more or $220 for over 500lb item move. If there are no items such as pianos, fridges, safes, newer heavy washers with stone stabilization or heavy exercise machines there should be no problem. If the item is less then 150lb 2 movers should be fine but if it is over 150lb 3 movers will be required.
  • Can you do hoisting?
    Yes, we can help you to get bulky item through windows, balcony if stairs are not an option. Access to suitable window/porch required. Hosting fee is normally $30 per item per flight. To host a couch or large and heavy items usually 3 movers crew is required and fee may be higher.
  • Do you provide a packing service?
    We can definitely help you with packing. There is no additional charge, it will just take some additional time. It will be the same hourly rate plus cost of the materials. If you will need us to help with packing we can bring all materials with us on the day of the move.
  • Can you move my piano?
    Our company are able to move your piano. We can assist with Upright, Electrical and small Pianos. There is $250 fee for all piano moves. Also, for piano moves we will require 4 people as our special equipment for pianos can be operated by 4 people only.
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